The name “Archiveloper” is the simple combination of the two words. Architect + developer.

The website got this name because of a need to investigate how architects can learn from other professions closely related to the architectural practice and to further explore the architect+developer role.

What can we learn from developers?

From real estate agents?

From communities?

From municipalities?

From the contruction business?

From other architects seeking another path than the traditional apply- compete- win/ loss business strategy.

Do we as architects only aspire fame and glory- and to become the next starchitect?

Or should we instead aspire to really understand and listen to and learn from the professions surrounding us.

To understand the variety of processes that go into play from idea to implementation in real estate, and the actors and which role they play.

This website aspires to ask questions,to listen closely and to learn from these surrounding professions. 

I welcome you all to listen in, follow on Instagram and join the community on Facebook.

Let us grow smarter together.